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Birthdate:Aug 29
Location:Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I'm kind of a lurker until I'm not and then it's all randomness, CAPSLOCK and asscones.

Was feminesque on LJ too (as of 15 September 2005) and prior to that I was loose_your_dogs (from about 2000).

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a perfect circle, a pint of coopers, alain de botton, alan moore, alan rickman, alexander skarsgard, augie march, autoerotic mishaps, band of brothers, bdsm, beads, beer, bill bryson, black books, books, boondock saints, brad colbert, brad/ray, bruce willis, clever t-shirts, climbing, clothes, coffee, constantine, convenient menstruation, cooking, costumes, coupling, dancing my life away, dane cook, darick robertson, david tennant, devotchka, die hard, dithering, dnd, doctor who, doctor/donna, donna, edgar wright, fall out boy, faux radio mix tapes, figures, firefly, fps, garth ennis, gen, gene hunt, gene/sam, generation kill, giant goth bling, gin palace, goonies, grant morrison, green arrow, hans gruber, harry potter, hellblazer, het, i-love-you-like-i'm-blind, indoor plants, jewellery making, john mcclane, john simm, justin long, kabuki, kohl, life on mars, live music, living authentically, lotr, lucifer, making jewelry, martha, matt/john, matthew farrell, mew, mike carey, mix tapes, muse, music with rocks in, my chemical romance, ncis, neil gaiman, nick frost, nicotine, nikki, ninja date, norrington, patrick wolf, patti smith, penny arcade, philosophy, philosophy cosmetics, pirates of the caribbean, pj ransone, planetary, preacher, public displays of immaturity, quick, ray person, red hair dye, rose, rps, sam tyler, sandman, self-improvement, shopping, silver, simon pegg, simon pegg's spanky pants, six feet under, skin, slash, smoking, spaced, star wars, sushi, swamp thing, ten/master, terry pratchett, the arcade fire, the authority, the boys, the cure, the doctor, the goonies, the invisibles, the knob, the league of gentlemen, the mighty boosh, the outsiders, the smiths, the social network, the talented mr. ripley, the tardis, tim minchin, tom waits, tori amos, transmetropolitan, travel, vertigo, vnv nation, warren ellis, wine, withnail and i, words, writing
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